First Look at Zombies | Call of Duty: Forefront

Treyarch is bringing Zombies to Call of Duty: Leading edge in partnership with Sledgehammer Games!

Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes gameplay footage from the developers to study more about the Dark Aether entities you will be working with to take down Von List’s living dead army.

#COD #VanguardZombies


  1. That’s it. That seals the deal. I am no longer a zombies fan. I supported this franchise through bo3 and zc (both bad) and this is the thanks i get. From now on, I am supporting minecraft zombies, a REAL zombies survival game.

  2. Better have OG point system

  3. can we just start off with pistols please

  4. My beautiful gun 7:26

  5. Krenzi’s Lego Creations

    Yeah this looks horrible, WAW anyone?

  6. Cool.. when can we just buy The Zombie Mode ? 60-70$ to Play 99.9% of the Time only Zombies.

  7. Ping system will return?

  8. Zombies is supposed to be a fun silly arcade mode and I’m afraid you are changing it too much and making it too deep
    I just wanna spawn in with a pistol, shoot zombies, buy doors and do some cool Easter eggs and tricks to unlock perks and wonder weapons
    What’s all this, “doing challenges to unlock doors” and “zombies drops that you can pick up”, stop trying to change what zombies is at its core

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