First Look At God Of War Ragnarök’s Svartalfheim Level | Exclusive Gameplay

In this exclusive God Of War Ragnarök gameplay video clip, we showcase how Sony Santa Monica’s level designers made the new dwarven kingdom, Svartalfheim, bigger than life.

Lead level designer James Riding and level designer Jon Hickenbottom talked with me about their experience crafting the points of interest, with the previous stating, “We desired to evolve the gameplay in the level spaces – more variety and verticality. In Svartalfheim, you have got quite a bit of places that you go to all within one kingdom. It is so much content.”

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  1. We want more!!! We want more!!!

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  3. These games are never as deep a few months after they come out lol

  4. this looks HOT! cannot wait for this to hit, man these new realms slap

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  7. Glorified DLC

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