FIRST DRIVE: Hyundai N Vision 74 & RN22e | 670bhp Hydrogen Hybrid Drift Car And Electric Streamliner

Korea resides its best automobile life at this time: Hyundai and Kia are cranking out daring designs and fun-to-drive automobiles that ought to have the European old guard perspiring. But what does the future hold for Hyundai’s souped-up N Division? The hydrogen fuel cell N Vision 74 and dual-motor electrical RN22e ideas provide some clues – and they are not just for display. Top Gear magazine’s Ollie Kew headed to the epic Bilster Berg circuit in Germany to lap them both – and see if Korea’s ideas for saving sports vehicles are ones we should be exhilarated about…

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  1. No doubt Hyundai is making leaps and strides – for which they deserve credit – but ‘watch out Porsche’ is a stretch.

  2. It’s still weird to hear someone talk about “Hyundai’s answer to a Porsche” 😅

  3. I absolutely LOVE this throwback design, even the 80s looking headlights!

  4. Christopher Christofi

    I love how he’s yelling the entire time he’s in the car like there’s an engine running but it’s quiet as can be.

  5. AutoFOCUS World TV

    insane and fun. it looks amazing – futuristic and flashback at the same time. We also saw the pixels . Wow. We want one.

  6. Love the style, but evs are evs, never going to be as beautiful as screaming ices

  7. Looks like a modern Deloreon

  8. They should rename this show. Second gear? 😒

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