First Dirt: Is The New Ford Bronco REALLY Better Than The Jeep Wrangler Off-Road?

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( ) After months of anticipation, we finally have our first opportunity to really get out in the dirt with the 2021 Ford Bronco? Here’s how it did!

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  1. This is why I love TFL. I have watched 4 of these videos now. All about 20 minutes, but I learned so much more about the Bronco and what it can do from TFL compared to others.

    • They are doing a better job than Ford of educating people on what the Bronco offers and the differences between the models. Great job, TFL!

    • Jeep should make a version of the jeep wrangler with shorter, ie narrower diff’s front, & rear, & fit portal axles to all four corner’s.
      Shorter diff’s would allow the track to not be widened, maybe stay near to the same as the track is now.

  2. [Ranger truck based] so should follow tradition and be called the Bronco II, save Bronco for one with the traditional full size running gear.

  3. Talking about the head toss in a Jeep as they are rocked back and forth while claiming “lateral stability”. Classic.

  4. Until Ford offers a Diesel Bronco, I’m still not sold.

  5. Still would rather have a coyote in the bronco. I think Ford missed out with Jeeps 392 release.

  6. Yeah, um…..NO.
    It has some cool features…but Ford dropped the ball by NOT utilizing a SOLID.FRONT.AXLE. derp :/

  7. it should be more like the FJ with its IFS.

  8. Who is claiming that the new Bronco is “better”? I see a lot of Wrangler fanboiz dogging the Bronco though.

    Where the Bronco will probably excel is where IFS is generally better…pavement/towing, desert/dunes, snow, etc. The Wrangler is going to be tough to beat in rocks.

    Towing capacity is similar, but feel may be better with the Bronco’s suspension. Jeep Quadracoil trackbars and the computerized Wrangler steering is not the best for using a Wrangler to tow at near-max 3000lb+.

  9. does articulation and IFS even go together?

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