Fired Twitter Employee Applies For First Real Job

Mandy Zanderton was laid off by Elon Musk, because he is an evil billionaire. Now, she’s utilizing for actual work. It did not go well. But do not take our word for it – bah dum DUM!

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  1. What job should Mandy seek out next?

    • Estrogen intolerant

      “Content moderation specialist” 😂

    • Her next job: PVoC (Professional Victim of Capitalism). You know, when you go onto podcasts and tell your victim-story to get an attention and then start to promote NFT and fraudulent charities.

    • A ride-share driver. It would be fun to see her drive around all day saying to herself, “Eww! Not him. There is literally no way I’m picking up that guy.” But, like, sixty times in a row, until her shift is over. Then she files a lawsuit against the company for her lack of pay.

    • Community Organizer…
      From home of course!

    • None. Like this she will just stay jobless

  2. I’m impressed that you used an actual real life interview for this clip.

  3. @Elon Musk #ElonMusk

  4. I have nothing for both of you. Get the fuck on. Both of you have nothing to offer. Why are you still asking questions and licking buttholes prick.

  5. Get the fuck on.

  6. lol

  7. Pipeline employees loving this!

  8. She’s pretty much every useless liberal millennial ever.

  9. Fabulous!!!!

  10. I love how casual Vanoss and Lui are when delivering a vehicle with a body in the trunk to a Cannibal camp.

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