Fire, Epoxy, and Free Wood

Burnt timber and epoxy desk adventure…

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00:00 Introduction
00:27 I truly know my timber
01:43 How I’m going to do it
02:25 Cool instruments
03:28 Wood searing
04:34 Sealing the char
06:25 First problem
08:06 Burnt timber trick
09:32 Epoxy leak (a bad one)
12:27 Removing the “form” and planing
13:27 Back at my shop
14:34 Touch ups
16:37 So much honesty
18:53 Table leg attachment
19:37 DIY paint kiosk
20:51 First coat unveil
22:43 Rocky montage of spraying
24:04 Buffing water based poly
25:29 Legit catastrophe
26:44 n3 nano top coat
27:32 Final unveil


  1. MORE but at 27:41 I can TOTALLY see scratches/spider webbing. Not sure if it’s the camera or the light, but it sure looks like it’s in the surface of the burned black. Lower right of the display.

  2. Automotive detailing tip, Always wash a new cloth or microfiber before use other wise the supply of tiny fibers and some threads will be absolutely endless, may of been what was happening with the drape, didn’t see anyone mention it as a possibility so hope it helps

  3. Radosław Poprawski(YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodExcel)

    more, More, MOre, MORe, MORE!!!,
    the craftsmanship is superb, I love it,
    However – how do I put this – I love the work, I love the gloss, If I could afford PLN -> USD + shipping cost I would buy it.
    but still it looks hmmm… naughty? like sth is being wedged somewhere, but still It would make supreme desk , Table,

    also heres an idea: similiar designe but instead of a wedged rod design maybe go for multiple lake design?

  4. more, i didn’t like how sharp the contrast was between the burnt part and the non-burnt part, would like a more gradual transition, like we saw in the previous one.

  5. Jean-Anton van der Venter

    I think its about time you progress into vacuum bagging with resin to seal up your rotten wood, no bubbles and deep penetration

  6. Speedbird_116H

    MORE, great idea and execution. IMHO the legs should have been kept stainless.
    I also asked my GF, who is an artist, what she thought, and she said black.

  7. more of those tables

  8. More please. I love the 3d terrain in the burnt wood that doesn’t really show up till the very end in the sunlight.

  9. Haven’t watched to the end yet, as I’m currently at the point where y9ur epoxy leaked. Gotta say you’ve become one of my favorite youtubers, despite me having absolutely nothing to do with woodworking xD Your humor is amazing and your craftsmanship speaks for itself. A true and humble master!

  10. stop using Asperger’s, it’s outdated/counts as autism and many in the autistic community find it offensive

  11. Rob Matthews Woodturning

    Did i miss the link for the leg guy? I can’t see it…

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