Finishing The Fiberglass Repair On My Houseboat!! (1 year of work)

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So ready for the water this year. We will finish strong and put a custom interior in the boat!! I am soooo ready!!

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if you are perusing this, watch your back, gravy is viewing you, he’s always viewing…


  1. Get your Surfshark gift here and use my promo code AYO! 85% off and 3 months for free are waiting for you!

    • I know your true identity is bam Margera or at least the cousin of Bam Margera.

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    • @J_Rains GOAT Only an IDI0T comments out their ass, stupid, ret@rded comments of a Parked Boat at the guys property, all while every shot/video of the boat in transit / on route /Moving, Clearly shows the Motor in the Up “Right” position.

    • @J_Rains GOAT it’s like that so the water can’t flood the filter duhh🙄

    • I love seeing the occasional shots of Davey Gravey.

  2. R4-Mississippi Thunder

    Looks like an awesome project. Since your from South Alabama we should collaborate some time.

  3. The Bearded Kemosabe

    She still likes to shake what her momma gave her. I absolutely lost my shit and laughed so hard I woke my baby up. That face with that line delivery were awesome.

  4. Please tell us you treated the boat for termites before and after you tore out the wood.

  5. You’ve come a long way since being The River Steward. Proud of you!!!

  6. Great video, thanks 👍

  7. Your channel has grown so much in the last year, you have provided a variety of entertaining content, full of surprises. Keep up the hard work.

  8. Richard Callaway

    I remember your first few posts! Well done!!!

  9. That makes a perfect platform for fly fishing

  10. wow! That thing was in b-a-d shape ! ! Thanks for saving it ! !

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