FINISHING Our Metal Deck | Couple Building Off-Grid

Baby will be here before we know it and we are scrambling to get some major projects crossed off our list!

We’re a husband and wife team who bought 20 acres of bare off-grid land in North Idaho. Follow along as we turn a pole barn into our dream shop with an upstairs apartment!

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Riley Casey
105 Vermeer Dr
STE 2 PMB 141
Ponderay, ID 83852


  1. Curious you don’t paint any of the raw metal.

  2. Wow off the grid *climbs into $20,000 backhoe in preview thumbnail*

  3. Are you going to do an under the deck roof to keep snow/water from getting stuff under the deck wet? Wild Wonderful Off-Grid did this on their deck “Building An UNDER DECK ROOFING SYSTEM”
    Looks like a cool idea to store stuff underneath and possible close in that section later.

  4. Wow I mean really wow those rails will still be there a hundred years from now. Unless one of you is from Krypton the baby should be safe. Great stuff guys.

  5. Just needs handrails for the stairs and a gate at the top. A laundry lift by the inside stairs would be a good thing, including for things other than laundry. In a few more months Courtney isn’t going to be wanting to carry anything but herself up and down the stairs.

  6. Beautiful job on the railing. Will you include railing for the steps at some point? The drone shots provide impressive views of your property. Bet your place is now worth a small fortune..

  7. Absolutely amazing! Well done the pair of you!👏👏👏

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  9. Ooh can we have a doggy rehab video

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