Finding YOUR Custom Moons in Mario Odyssey

Today we’re playing Super Mario Odyssey but I had my viewers hide Custom moons anywhere they wanted within Mario Odyssey. Some of the ideas you came up with were crazy so I hope you enjoy the video!

Edited by
Dev work by @AmethystSZS
Special thanks to Biakko for helping with the stream!

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  1. Pin my comment

  2. Chris Pratt is Mario
    Mario in Samurai
    Taking Notes
    Folded booklet with no touchy liquid

    Checks out 😂

  3. I straight-up shouted at the screen when Fir went away from Lost on the final one.


  5. Nicholas Johnson

    I’ve been watching Fir for a good bit…
    But I forgor to subscribe 💀

  6. Bruh I think he missed it 3:43

  7. 11:56 just saw the nice and it made me laugh when i realized

  8. It’s obviously volleyball 100

  9. “Kirby sucks, but these guys blow” makes it sound like Fir is hating on both of them.

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