Find the Real Pregnant Person

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  1. I’m locking in number 1, she’s the only one that looks like she’s been through a journey and she’s comfortable with that bump. Everyone is just standing normally like they haven’t been carrying around an extra human for like 7/8 months

  2. kelsey freaking out about an 8.5 pound baby w a week and a half left….baby i was 2 weeks early and a 9.9 pound baby 😭

  3. How did no one gave them chairs??

  4. I craved peanut butter & bacon sandwiches with my first, I had a dream where I risked death to eat it and couldn’t stop thinking about it – when I gave in and tried it, my husband enjoyed it way more than me..

  5. i love these two together sm, there gonna be such gud parents

  6. Why do they talk so slow

  7. dude i think she’s into you

  8. Pica cravings for cornstarch and dirt etc can spike in pregnancy


  10. No kelsey… to a degree I think we can tell what dad joke is his come out of his mouth next yes 😂😂

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