Finally Testing ALL of Our BURNOUT MACHINES!!! Freedom Takes Over… It Was AWESOME!

Cleetus and Cars HOUSTON let us GOOOOOO!!!! Get your tickets here –
Cleetus Merch!!! –
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Cleetus McFarland
12961 44th St N. Ste B
Clearwater, FL 33762
United States of America


  1. If y’all are coming tomorrow get your tickets ahead of time!

    • Cleetus McFarland i wish I could go since I live like 10 minutes away.

    • Would be awesome if you brought a Cleetus and cars to Charlotte NC. I know you probably won’t read this but at least I put in effort.

    • I was waiting on the return of “Leroy”

    • @rxzen jay No, it’s the new go pro 8’s. I just got my kid a 7 this Christmas just because people are still having so many issues with them. No matter if its user or equipment they just don’t seem ready for prime time. They also so need a wind sock and wireless mics being outside so much. Jeremy’s videos of his crew is horrible for it even being inside most of the time.

  2. Cooper gonna destroy all

  3. I wanted the diesel to show em all up but after seeing the Mystery Machine. Coop has this in the bag!!!!!!!

  4. Neighbor is fucking insane

  5. You guys need a drone!

  6. Esa si kemaaa cuuuhhhhh

  7. Cooper gets down

  8. The Van won ?

  9. This video makes me miss toast?

  10. Now you have your new exclamation. “Oh my Dude!”. Now you don’t have to say “Gosh”. 😉 Also, it is very “Family” friendly! Congrats to all on the Freedom Factory!! You saved that gorgeous site from decay or possible transformation to condos. Thank You!! AND you bring jobs to the community!!

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