FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Trailer for FFVII – A Symphonic Reunion (Closed Captions)

Check out the surprise trailer that was unveiled to a live audience during FINAL FANTASY VII – A Symphonic Reunion, the very first concert devoted completely to FINAL FANTASY VII.

Hunting for more thrilling FINAL FANTASY REMAKE VII unveils?


  1. Can’t wait to see best girls death in H D

  2. the FINAL FANTASY series is dead. this FF is not a remake. it’s reimage FF 7. it’s garbage.

  3. bah they changed the mechanics. they better get it right. and the full FF7 will be 3 games. it will be like 10 years before you can actually finish the game

  4. Looks……uuughh unimpressive.

  5. delete fantasy game and company

  6. Khan The Video game hunter

    The original was great buy this one with enhanced graphics looks aweosme. I collect retro games on my channel. I hope they come out will a collectors box set for this

  7. That’s the same sword we have on creative destruction

  8. I’m just hoping that there will still be a crazy inventory system, complete with Materia junctioning.

  9. Honestly I kind of miss the original turn-based system, still looks awesome though

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