Film Theory: You Have to STOP Scrolling! (Shorts Wars)

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The Shorts Wars ARG may have ended, but the LORE is just beginning! Over the past few months shorts creators @JonnyRaZeR, @Mogswamp, @RoyalPear, @joe_caine, @DannoDraws, @knsplash, @Bundun, @peehaleyour have taken part in a multi-series ARG across the platform. Some heeded the message of the big BAD guy, “the Boss,” while others skirted around it. Find out who survived, who got cloned, and what’s next for the spectacular series!

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  1. Absolutely loved making the ARG. It never stops being surreal seeing myself in your videos. Looking forward to season 2!

  2. Also where is danno’s comment?

  3. We all knew this was coming

  4. The Boss is probably going to be like Razer’s evil twin or some failed Youtuber that wore flannel.

  5. petition for clone matpat in s2

  6. 10:21 how do it be bad

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