Film Theory: Rick REBORN? (Rick and Morty Season 6)

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It’s Rick and Morty season again, Loyal Theorists! As we head into season 6, it is time to look at where the series is headed this time and, well… things are looking sort of grim. We start out with the entire family handling past traumas and jumping universes to fill the spots of their dead counterparts. Not quite light things. Except, I think there may still be hope for a happy ending… or as much of one as we can anticipate from Rick Sanchez. Take hold of your portal gun and let us dive in!

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Rick’s True CRIME!
Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper and Forrest Lee
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Pedro Freitas
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. Repeating?

  2. Do a lego friends theory

  3. Remember we’re all just waiting for season 9 finale where Rick and morty ends after they found shawarma sauce

  4. Soo.. we just *not* gonna talk about how rick is a completely nihilistic realist who thinks of love as an arbitrary chemical process YET, he has an idealized image of himself, a version that he sees as perfect, truest, the “rick-est rick”??

    He knows that ego is arbitrary and we are all just self aware flesh suits and everything he does is meaningless, yet he has self esteem issues?

    What is it about the “rick-est rick” that our rick wishes he had? What is it our rick wants to be? And why is he afraid/reluctant to become that version of himself? And why is mortys original rick the “Rick-est”? Imo that’s the big deeper meaning rick keeps telling us not to look for.

  5. Rick would cry watching this

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