Film Theory: Is Morbius So BAD You Can SUE?

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Theorists, it is Morbin time! I know, I know. That meme is super old now, but it was part of what motivated me to make this hypothesis in a way. Well, the Morbin meme at least intended I needed to take a second look at Morbius. Oh kid, did I take a second look. Specifically, I watched the trailer again and realized that the motion picture I was advertised was NOT the motion picture I saw. At ALL!. Is that even LEGAL? Think of this as the sibling episode to our episode over on game theory about mobile game advertisements.

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  1. I watched it illegally and I still want a refund!

  2. If we could Sue a studio for delivery a bad product. Lucasfilms would be up to it’s ears drowning in class action suits.

  3. What about macabre experiment series

  4. i like men in me

  5. i am going to go insane

  6. If Morbius is a morbad movie then explain why it sold 1 morbillion tickets

  7. Well looks like that video from meme theory went to true

  8. This was a interesting video

  9. morbius is morbepic and made a morbillion bucks. mobin time.

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