Film Theory: How To SURVIVE The Backrooms!

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Over on GTLive, I have been diving into the one of a kind fright experience that is The Backrooms. This found footage horror story is full of secrets. Today I’m piecing together the lore of this creepypasta maze of horrors and figuring out how to survive being trapped in The Backrooms. Can it be done? Watch to find out!

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  1. Suvdaa Dambadarjaa

    Not hating but the carpet moist is very dangerous to drink basically you die also there is a outpost and bases out there there by the government also there are multiple lvls there in lvl in lvl 0 (lvl in the short film) there are no entity’s there things spawn in lvl 0 not often also there is a exits to the backrooms it extremely like there is 0.00000725% I think to escape.

  2. Film theory uhh yeah there’s a chance to escape but there’s also a chance to transported to another level the current one was level 0 after that level 1

  3. 🌸CinnimonT0ast🌸

    Not going to lie, the ceiling idea on all fronts seems like a very bad idea.

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s been proven that monsters actually travel up there.

    2. Throwing a shoe up to displace panels would make a lot of noise, therefor attracting monsters to your location.

    3. I know it may be different lore from the Wiki, but you wouldn’t want to risk the possibility of going to another level and possibly getting yourself in a more dangerous situation.

    4. This method would possibly get you even more lost as you wouldn’t have many landmarks (if any) to show where you are going if you travel up there.

    6. Mold. Nobody can come to me and say that the backrooms mold isn’t cannon in Kaynes universe. We saw it in his latest upload. For anyone unaware of how serious it is and how you do not want to come in contact with it, just know that it is even worse than the monsters. So traveling up into somewhere dark and wet is the last thing you would want to do. Also, the air up there could be heavy in mold spores due to the poor ventilation. So you don’t want to breathe that in.

    In reality, if you want to survive the backrooms, the main things you want to do is:
    1. Use the maze method to be aware of where you are.
    2. Keep quiet so you don’t attract monsters.
    3. Keep to 1 level
    4. Try not to touch anything wet, and definately do not touch any mold.

    Just in case a bot comes around and steals this, this is originally from CinnimonToast. I’ve been seeing a lot of comment stealing in this comment thread.

  4. No-clip through the ceiling it will help you….. have fun with the party goers

  5. Yabadabadoodoosumalamadumalama

  6. But my mom will tp me back to go to school

  7. Oh sweet I was just looking for a film theory on these immediately before you released one

  8. If you are really into this this type of film theory concept, I highly recommend the game “silent hill the room” it revolves around a guy who found an alternate reality inside his apartment that is actually the same as this world but in another demonic dimension. And your trapped. During the game u keep going further and further but always end up back at ur apartment which has been altered every time u get back. Until finally u find the answers as to why everything is happening to him . (Linking him to the other silent hill games) its probably my all time favorite game. As I got really attached to the characters since I been a previous huge fan of silent hill. They are reallyyyy good games when ur feeling introvert

  9. Oh my gosh this is helping so much

  10. Now I’m going to keep a latter and MP5K on me at all time

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