Film Theory: Did Scar EAT Mufasa? (The Lion King)

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Last time I discussed the Lion King, we were seeing just how large the body count was for this beloved Disney motion picture and sayong Scar was the rightful king. WEll, we are leaning into that even HARDER this time! Today, I want to talk about the sibling rivalry to end all sibling rivalries – Scar and Mufasa. Theorists, lions are a very, VERY interesting animal. I think that Scar ATE Mufasa after the stampede. You’ll have to watch to find out WHY!

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  1. Please can u do a theory on Eliza Schuyler’s gasp in Hamilton. I saw ur other Hamilton theory and i thought that no better person could do a theory.✌

  2. Me: **Watching Film Theory**
    Little Brother: That’s from TikTok! They stole it from TikTok!

  3. Oroshi the God Eater

    To bei fair, Mufasa died, and it would be a waste to just let him rood

  4. Alphy one of the evilest characters in undertale (jerry is a little eviler) because of the amalgamates and lying to their families and undyne and setting up mettaton to most likely an act he probably hates. She kept the amalgamates away from their families and lying about everything


  6. Yousef Alhamadah

    Mr.t kinda sounds like Mr . Trevor 8:55

  7. Hi matpat I love your content and this video was amazing please do more videos looking at animal behaviour.

  8. ‘Did scar eat his dead brother’

    Me who didn’t realise scar and mufasa were brothers:

  9. Huh so this whole video was to say tiktok sucks…neat

  10. MatPat you should do a theory on The Walten Files

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