fifth Generation Toyota RAV4 2019 Features, Specs, & More

The Toyota RAV4 2019 features everything you need to go from your every day commute to your next street adventure. Reworked with versality and value in mind, one of the 2019 RAV4’s 9 models is certain to fit your life-style.
Check out all the 2019 RAV4 specifications here:

This Toyota video clip presents the fifth Generation 2019 #RAV4, a versatile SUV available in 9 different variations.



  2. Captain Merica

    Why is this trending???

  3. Regueton

  4. I have a 2018 CHR. This may be next when I trade. I love my CHR though. 30 mpg in town. Have not went out the highway yet. I have had 9 months and have 5000 miles on it. I’m retired so dont drive too much.

  5. Great ad I’m buying! Sike please stay off trending you fools.

  6. Annie In Action

  8. ZakarooNetwork

    What is the Actresses name driving this vehicle?

  9. quit asking why this is trending
    real memers drive rav4s

  10. the

    only thing that

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