FIFA 23 | Official Career Mode Deep Dive Trailer

The EA SPORTS FIFA development team take you inside FIFA 23 Career Mode to show you new features coming to participant and supervisor professional career:

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Player Career Personality
2:15 – Playable Highlights
2:56 – New Menu
3:37 – Dynamic Moments
4:36 – Transfer Analysis
5:22 – AI Tactics
5:58 – Authentic Managers

FIFA 23 releases September 30, 2022 with HyperMotion2 Technology, females’s club football, both adult males’s and females’s FIFA World Cup™ tournaments, cross-play features, and more:

Pre-order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition by August 21 to get a FIFA World Cup™ FUT Hero item, as well as up to three days early access:

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  1. Xavier Alexander Kwan

    By watching this , I felt like they finally implement a bit of the madden gameplay features and cinematic lol

  2. حطو كل المعلقين

  3. It’s almost like they try to disappoint us every year

  4. Will this be on old gen?


    Who else can’t wait for FIFA 23 to come out?

  6. Still not buying Fifa. I always hope career mode gets a massive resurgence but it just looks the same with some technical jargon. Like a multiplayer career mode would be MASSIVE! Fans have been on about this for ages. FM has it so surely it’s not impossible but all their resources are in FUT, the game mode that ruined Fifa IMO (it’s just teaching kids to gamble 👍🏻). I just play Football manager now, way better.

  7. This trailer was honestly such a let down, we just want some effort into manager mode and you guys never even attempt to deliver

  8. I hope they add an option that allows you to change the age of players

  9. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr

    So are the new cutscenes for when you transfer to a new club gonna be on old gen consoles like ps4 and xbox one?

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