Fidget Trading Scams

How is fidget trades a thing and how are there so many scams? Apparently it’s meta to trade an iPhone or AirPods for some fidget toys but rig it.

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Video Edited by Terry & Now Creatives
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  1. Gloom, you should play hopps playhouse 2, its really awesome and has secret endings

  2. This reminds me of constantly trading in my childhood game “Animal Jam.”

  3. If My parents bought something im not trading they will get angry if with my sibling sure

  4. Bunch of people at my school trade an our teachers don’t care because like we do it whenever we have no work because we finish all of our work they don’t care if we trade anything they don’t care if we play with toys

  5. why did this get recommended to me im a sinbinacquiticbiminist

  6. Tiempo de jugar con Lizy

    I now spanish so is not a problem hola me llamo Lizy

  7. Danielle Millard

    pls can you do a teacher vid bc I luv them

  8. please do a video with azzy or be a baby with azzy i miss those videos also loved this

  9. Poppets got banned at my school because everyone was breaking them and arguing it was hilarious

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