Federal judge clears New York prosecuting officers to achieve Trump’s tax information

A federal judge has cleared the way for New York prosecuting officers to get their hands on Donald Trump’s tax information. But the president’s attorneys speedily appealed and blocked the order. CBS News’ Lisa Mateo reports from New York.


  1. he wants to save face because hes worth a fraction of what he claims

  2. nice try but ,Tump’s lawyers blocked it

  3. Lets look at Obamas , Biden and all elected officials Taxes

  4. This garbage about tax returns again… Maddow already released them several years ago and they were literally nothing, she was flabbergasted on her show that she couldn’t find any dirt. They’re going to get similar documents again and nothing will happen, again, because there’s nothing there.

  5. What a great country we live in, worry about the president, who cares about the people

  6. The Supreme Court will make the final decision. I want to see Dumbo’s as filed as no one really believes the a President hand writes his tax return. Come now even as stupid as Dumbo was he had doesn’t think any educated individual will buy into that with nearly 90% of all filings done on computer files. Political stunt of the communist party, democratic party. If they get elected hopefully all the people lowing their jobs and income form stocks sue the democrats and their media propaganda media for funds to make them stand behind their lies which the crash of the ecomony will prove.

  7. Wow lot of misinformed libtards here that will believe anything.A judge already ruled on this.

  8. TRUMP 2020 !

  9. Why are his tax returns important enough to warrant all this coverage? Oh that’s right, it’s just a diversionary tactic by the inbreds on the left to try and disrupt anything and everything Pres Trump is tryin to get done…you libtards are pathetic, sad, and an embarrassment to the rest of us, we’re ashamed of each and every one of you…well, I’m gonna LMMFAO after Pres Trump wins re-election next November, and hope karma dishes out the excruciating pain you all deserve to suffer immediately following the phone call your libtard lackey candidate makes to Trump to concede the election….


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