FDU vs. Purdue – First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

FDU shocked the world and took down top-seeded Purdue, becoming just the second 16 seed to pull off the stunt in NCAA tournament history. Watch the extended highlights from FDU’s historical upset here.

Watch highlights, game recaps and lots more from the NCAA Division I males’s and girls’s basketball tournaments on the official NCAA March Madness YouTube channel.

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  1. True Crime Queen™


  2. Terrible coaching by Purdue

  3. Purdue is truly pathetic

  4. The black team beats the white team

  5. Lol are we surprised it’s a big 10 team good in regular season but March madness choke artist facts

  6. Jose esteban Pravia menbreño

    Sezoli vre

  7. Boys can ball

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