FC Barcelona 4-1 RC Celta de Vigo – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 11/9/19

Lionel Messi hat-trick leads Barcelona to a 4-1 victory over RC Celta in LaLiga.

El FC Barcelona ganó 4-1 de local ante el RC Celta con un hat-trick de la pulga Messi.


  1. Is Messi hacking or what lmao

  2. I like the way De Jong and Junior enjoyed Messi’s first free-kick-penalty ???

  3. Ill buy you melk shake

  4. The commentator with the accent, love his work!!!

  5. Awesome game?

  6. Messi won’t score free kicks every game to save Barcelona….the team is still slow on offense and the defense is bad…..a faster team with no fear would create more damage…I’m glad we have the best…

  7. And just like that, Messi is 2 goals away from being top scorer again…

  8. Celta Vigo goalie is shit

  9. Lord messi

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