Fate 2: ROOT OF NIGHTMARES RAID FOR DUMMIES! – Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough!

The Complete Guide to the new Root of Nightmares Raid, added to Destiny 2 with the Lightfall DLC during Season of Defiance! How to beat EVERY Encounter!
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00:00 – Cataclysm Guide (First Encounter)
08:03 – Secret Raid Chest Location
09:04 – Scission Guide (Second Encounter)
13:58 – Jumping Puzzle Guide
16:57 – Macrocosm Guide (ZO’AURC Raid Boss)
25:53 – Nezarec Final Raid Boss Guide

New #Destiny2 video clip, going over the Root of Nightmares Raid Guide in Destiny 2:Lightfall after the release of the new Lightfall DLC (Expansion) and Year 6 of Destiny 2! The new Lightfall DLC is here! It provides a new campaign, new weapons, new exotic quests, and much more! We have the latest Lightfall updates and news! Season of the Defiance has launched, with the Activity, New Exotic Quests and Exotic Missions and the Root of Nightmares Raid! We have all 3 new Strand subclasses (Broodweaver Warlock, Berserker Titan, Threadrunner Hunter) as well as new Strand Aspects and Fragments to use in new Strand Builds!
But today we’re going over how to beat the root of nightmares raid in it’s entirety! Hopefully you can get the new root of nightmares raid weapons and new raid gear, including the new Conditional Finality Exotic Raid Shotgun!
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  1. Check the Description or Play-Bar for Time Stamps! Hope this helps you get that SICK Raid Loot Gamers! 🙂

    → CUSTOMIZE YOUR NEW PC: https://www.evolvepcs.gg/products/kackishd

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  2. Into ends at 54 Seconds

  3. StarScreamr Gaming

    The absolute worst raid I’ve ever played, won’t happen again 😂

  4. 8 on trending ! Wow.

  5. The damage they output in contest mode is cheating & hacking any pc players has been hacking destiny 2 any real hacker has made money that day . remove all pc player’s from the game industry.

  6. i need help, help

  7. fr only in 2 hours thats wild but thx for the help kackis

  8. Thank you kackis just thank you for being here all these years. Great youtuberr

  9. Whats the crux in the middle of the 3 central planets on the 3rd encounter for?

  10. I am sorry for this but I want to do raids and dungeons however hearing what the mechanics of these fights are is just so fucking annoying and confusing to me. like, what the fuck is this shit?

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