Fate 2 Lightfall – My 1st impressions after 24 hours of play time (this… is not terrific)

Fate 2’s Lightfall expansion has a lore of difficulties with its story. After about 24 hours I can verify that the campaign makes some major errors and fails to clarify basic plot elements. These are my first impressions of the narrative, lore and how the expansion is shaping up.

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  1. When we get another activity boss that’s a taken vex mind with rotating shield

  2. I just have so many questions many of what you have said but like why is the ghost taken control by the witness, wtf is going on there??? Why did the attack from the traveller look like the trees in the black garden and garden of salvation. WTF is the vex and what have they got to do with it, they clearly want neomuna and the veil but whyyyyyyyyyy. just so annoyed

  3. And the fact we learned how to master strand through a God damn montage

  4. Compared to the calus robot in leviathan the calus we fought at the end of the campaign was incredibly weak. He had big gun into big sword. His fight was just boring. It doesn’t help I killed him on legend 4 times now because friends couldn’t do it on their own. You can trivialize it with stasis.

  5. Nikolaj Knudsen


  6. Vitor Hugo Colino Vono

    Bungie should just give Byf total lore control.

  7. It’s probably because they’re going to explain the rest of the narrative through season passes which is why they were pushing for the annual pass bundles so damn much

  8. Joe Blackburn needs to make a post like this: “Hello Guardians, we’ve heard your feedback and we are listening. Lightfall didn’t hit the mark, we hear you. When we were originally working on the story of light fall, we realized it was going to be too big to tell in a single expansion, so we made the tough call to split it into what you just played, and what has now become the final shape. It’s clear now that what we gave you in light fall wasn’t satisfying. We left to many questions unanswered, and as a result it felt short and hollow. We brought up too many new questions and aspects without satisfying ones already posed. With that said, the final shape will answer these questions, if will be a cathartic satisfying conclusion worthy of the 10th anniversary of the destiny universe. To that end, recognizing but the continued loyalty of our amazing community, and as a sign of our confidence in the final shape, we will be granting everyone who purchased lighfall with 2000 silver. This is a small token of our thanks to this community, and yes, an apology for not living up to the high expectations we have garnered. There is an exciting year of destiny ahead, questions will be answered, ends will be tied up, and the final shape will come. An of course, we have an amazing, nightmare of a raid dropping next friday, which we are sure will exceed all your expectations. Thanks to every guardian who continues to support us, whether an alpha veteran, or someone just joining us, we see you, we value you, and we will not let you down again. Joe

  9. I couldn’t care less about the story I’m pissed off they’ve increased the difficulty AND beefed Heart of Inmost Light I legit don’t know glee much of a struggle it was to play thru the campaign

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