Fate 2: Elitist Datto’s Thoughts on The Lightfall Difficulty Increase

oh kid


Information – 0:00
Thoughts Start – Surge/Overcharge – 6:53
Difficulty Increase – 10:07
Vanguard Ops Difficulty – 12:45
Skeleton Keys – 15:15
Master Difficulty/Loot – 19:03
I’m Confused About a Thing – 22:40
No Gambit? – 24:20
Conclusion – 25:15

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    power leveling, SUCKS
    the system is not engaging, its not helpful and it is factually speaking, too slow.
    im tired of spamming strikes and gambit matches and crucible matches and leveling a season pass, and whatever, just to push a 4 digit number higher.
    i propose removing power levels entirely and just making the hardest content dark souls x5 for everyone and completely remove the “your too low” element from the game as it results in pointless numbers
    i personally (though it will NEVER happen) think destiny should have terraria progression
    as you progress through certain stages determined by what pieces of gear you have, you slowly gain access to better gear that is either crafted or is looted.
    yes i realize this is a looter shooter shut up. what i propose is: we ditch the whole you can never have a non purple drop, make the amount of loot as far as armor is concerned smaller, and tie the main progression to the players ability to be good at the video game
    i am tired, of leveling just so that i can get that rom hack difficulty craving from destiny, YES IM IN THE MINORITY, but is it really that bad to idk have the damn game respect your accomplishments?
    basically, leveling in its current state is not a functional system, its literally a pointless number. its not a fun process either, so WHY NOT REPLACE IT WITH A SYSTEM THAT BENEFITS YOU FOR BEING GOOD AT THE GAME AND MAYBE NOT SITTING THERE SCREAMING FOR 40 MINS TO HAVE THE PAIN END.
    leveling is boring, we need to make crafting the progression system, something that can be interesting, open ended, and most of all fun.

  2. Eeeeeee wrong answer. Choose your gun and class was when the game was at its prime.

  3. No..F cosmetics. They are a complete waste of time.

  4. 100% invest in getting rid of all this mod nonsense.

  5. this guy reccomended running Gunpowder Gamble to solo Spire of the Watcher as hunter in his video idk where he gets off acting like he’s that good lol

  6. I wonder if this video is eligible for the guiness world record for most Ws in abit under 30 minutes.

  7. I like that the part where Datto said he would “lose all his good will” is when I started to agree most😂

  8. you are missing the point dude. You have stacked team ready to go at anytime you want. Raids, GM, Trials name it. You have team with hardcore players in stand by anytime you wanna play the game. You are missing the point that not every player has access to that…

  9. My only issue with it is that we get 0, absolutely zero power increase by leveling up and we still have to do it! If all activities are power capped (which I like), please get rid of the power level grind completely, it is tedious and not fun, it used to have a bonus (master raids would become easier) but now, there is nothing to gain and I just don’t get why we still need to have it in the game.

  10. This entire video could’ve been shortened to just the closing remarks. “Get good. It’s Lightfall time baby.” Pure gold. 😂

    I, for one, am very excited for the baseline difficulty increasing across the entire game. Buildcrafting is so much fun but there’s literally no reason to do it at the moment as you can steamroll most pieces of content with random garbage loadouts. And then in the highest difficulty end-game content, most builds are likely to be more hyper defensive as things hurt a lot there. Like, Heist Battlegrounds have been so much fun with the -5 Delta because things actually live long enough to get the engine running on an offensive build and keep it running. And things are just threatening enough to be fun to fight whilst also not needing to sweat out with a super defensive build. Give me more of that in every facet of the game. Yes please.

    Another great thing, that the increased difficulty will bring, is I will no longer be bored out of my mind when running content in like the strike playlist because I’m no longer only needed to give it 19% of my attention to win. Things might actually be more engaging to where I need to give it a bit more focus than that as things might actually be somewhat threatening at a base level even if it is the same piece of content I’ve ran for the last 6 years.

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