Fast Food Fight (Ft. TheOdd1sOut & Arin Hanson) – Meta Runner Special

An animation about action, drama and hamburgers.


#SMG4 #GlitchProductions #Glitch


  1. SMG4 // Glitch Productions

    PLEASE stop making WOTFI requests on this video. We worked on this for 6 months and would like to see comments about the video itself.
    I am ONLY accepting WOTFI requests over on my twitter or instagram.

    • You know some of your. (Or most) viewers like the classic of giving them and seeing the comments on videos.

      But they also dont have Instagram. That’s a phone app and it’s a maze. T.T
      Just make a “voting” video where people can only vote on. Put it at the intro of a smg4 episode with rules regarding comment votes on any other videos.. you look mad pal. Trying to help. 🙁

    • Amazing vid

    • Kelven Mathias 2 Mostrar Animados

      Porque eu quero tá falando meu sanduíche de presunto a Sofia?, ?

    • Kelven Mathias 2 Mostrar Animados

      Mais eu gosta lo seu vídeos SMG4 // Glitch Productions, eu tá muito engraçado nesses dois passar igualzinho gritando Mangle (fnaf 2)


  2. would it be cool if Tari played Punch-out Wii

  3. Okay, I just saw this video’s title Feat. James… And even I don’t understand the Meta Runner series, I still had laughs

  4. I wonder how she grilled the cheese in the sandwich

  5. SUPER XSONIC123/gamer

    I love the odd1sout

  6. samuel diaz sancehez

    Soowbuay :battle royal mode

  7. cool animation

  8. Yay, no more wotfi requests on this video! It was getting very repetitive

  9. Looks like Mario, Tari, and Meggy might be in Meta Runner for a What if Mario was in episode.

  10. Just like the simulations

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