Fashion: From Elegant to Goofy

This is an academic video clip on Fashion in society

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Fashion: From Elegant to Goofy

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  1. deniece donnafield

    I won’t watch this video I’m pretty sure me because I don’t have time…. But I’ve seen some of these Goofy…. Weird looking…. On the verge of Halloween costume fashions… Which I believe they are catering to that particular type of customer’s character… Without actually coming out and telling them…..

  2. remove educational from this video.

  3. Plata o plomo sincerely anonymous

  4. You talk too much…

  5. Bro is not scared of twitter users . Neo pronouns r scary

  6. I’m not trying to say o would wear these, but I used to be an Astro boy fan and when I saw the boots I felt a wave of nostalgia and honestly kinda liked them. But that’s just my opinion

  7. i just wanna know what that elevator music at the start of the video was

  8. Its rich people looking for entertainment because they cant eat babies anymore.

  9. If you think the fashion on e left in the thumbnail is elegant you’re the problem

  10. Queefus Squintillion Pringleton

    4:45 mickey mouse type drip

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