Fans Buy ANYTHING THEY WANT With Our Money For Us to Unbox!

10 Easy Science Tricks That’ll Impress Your Friends!

Today’s video clip is all about our fans! That’s right, it is ALL about YOU GUYS! We published a survey on our Instagram story which permitted you people to enter a competition and publish any product you desired us to purchase and…oh kid, there were some cringy merchandise, lol. Today’s video clip is in addition really special for it was David’s wish to come meet the Hi5 family and unbox some merchandise with us! Thank you to the Make a Wish Foundation for permitting us to make his wish come true. Tell us in the remarks down below what product was your favorite and if you have any products that you’d like us to unbox, send them to us via Instagram/Twitter (links below). Let the shenanigans begin!!

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  1. I really loved Roze’s vocal coach! His laughter was so funny and to see him enjoying himself to all this chaos ?

  2. kellie campbell

    I play violin and the way he was holding the bow made me cringe

  3. One of my favorite videos probably because Matt is not wearing black lol

  4. Rangers till A die

    Av watched use since the matthias channel ??????

  5. Nicole Strickland

    Yeah man I want those Vans

  6. CopyRight StrikesBack

    Mr.Beast much?

  7. Nicole Strickland

    Those vans look dope

  8. Pepe De Frog Idiot

    This is how many times they said butt

  9. Brandon Daniels

    You are so anoiying

  10. That’s how I expected his fans to look like

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