I have waited this long to let you know…

…that I went to Italy half a year ago with my family and became lovers with the nation and a few males in it. And a pigeon.

This life has been a nirvana of a ride… thank you for riding with me.
I will see you surprisingly again, pretty soon.
Videographers: Liza Koshy, Mama Koshy, Papa Koshy, O. Koshy, R. Koshy
Editor: My bro, Mark C. Roe
Produced by Westbrook Media (and me lol)
Keep up with this little brown lady!

All my love always,


  1. If you start posing normal videos again I will cry no joke

  2. This is the first 8mins long travel vlog video that I watched to the end without skipping or even noticing! love love love

  3. Can you make a TikTok account so we know what your doing because I don’t know your insta or other social media accounts and you don’t post on here

  4. You made Italy look way nicer than it is

  5. This was too funny.

  6. David’s never clicked on a video faster in his life! ?

  7. Living her best life

  8. …Kind of Fresh lol

  9. what a beautiful and fun trip liza, thanks for sharing~ ?

  10. This is beautiful

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