Fall Guys But I Can’t Jump Or Dive!


  1. [SPOILER]

    9:40 I didn’t even realize I jumped there. I guess I wasn’t paying attention or something. I sent Caboose the phone back btw

  2. Stentric also jumped at 8:46

  3. Bro I went from watching caboose since 13k and now he has 131k. I quit playing fall guys and didn’t really watch him anymore. But then I come back and he has all these subs? Did he get them all from the new players on fall guys following him

  4. Its funny how you smash the table

  5. Woody and friends

    9:40 stentric jumped

  6. general grievous

    4:54 running up that hill be running up that road

  7. How you can throw the blast ball in the air you can’t jump or dive?

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