Fake Bartender Puts Full Size Umbrella in Customers’ Drinks

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Ross @CreationsRoss
JJ @JJmizell
Kole @kole.clark
Jared @jkelderman



0:00 Legend
0:02 Honey feather pillow fight part 1
1:03 Don’t order a headache
1:44 Taking My Car with the Doors Welded Shut Through Valet

5:02 Honey feather pillow fight part 2

6:30 Coffee shop coffee talk

6:56 Bartender Puts Full Size Umbrella in Customer’s Drink
10:00 Kole’s podcast
10:27 Segway parkour
11:40 I want some


  1. You should buy a new phone because your old phone died lmao

  2. Get your nails done

  3. imagine being their neighbor walking in your back yard seeing a bunch of honey and feather-covered men having a pillow fight while also puking on a trampoline. lmfao .

  4. idea: put cole in a bin and make pukeing sounds as he throughs the trash back out

  5. Do the windows roll down on the welded car?

  6. Try to return a tv but you forgot the tv and only have the receipt

  7. i love when the prank has the prankstee laughing too.

  8. his old group of friends were genuine theres one guy who went to become a fireman he was a cool guy. this new guys seems to be fake-ish trying too hard to laugh to impress Ross I dunno man something missing now

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