Fables and Folktales: Urashima-Tarō

Classic fairyland protocol varies from story to story, but the nastiest ones always include some sort of time funkiness. You know that joke about how, like, it is truly bad to conclude up with a medical condition named after you? This is the namesake for the whole space of time dilation tropes in japanese literature. Difficult break, friend.

PARTIAL TRACKLIST: Sky Becomes Water, The Crystal Chamber, Wind Queen, None Shall Live

“Elevator” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. This has always been my favorite fairy tale. It’s EXTREMELY similar to the Irish tale of Oisin.

  2. when it started I was like huh this sounds familiar maybe I’ve read this before and as soon as the turtle turned into the dragon kings daughter I remembered the story and was like oh no I remember this rip dude.

  3. For anime fans, this is the first Isekai, the time dilation being “In another world”.

  4. This is very similar to oisin I tir Na Nog

  5. Journey Rivenburgh

    This is a really cool trope in mythology! I remember reading stories like this when I was really young, and I always thought they were interesting. A personal favorite of mine is a Romanian folktale about a prince who encounters death, and run off with his horse to find a place where neither old age nor death can find him, eventually walking to the edge of the earth and living with the north wind for a thousand years.

  6. Moral of the story : don’t go too close to black holes so you can avoid time dilation.

  7. christopher jackson

    I always look forward to the singing at the end of vids

  8. Urashima: Tosses turtle back
    Princess: “Kind fisher, you have passed my test, and been deemed worthy to wed.
    Urashima: “Oh, ok.” Tosses princess back

  9. I would love to hav this topic narrated by Matt of PBS… Space time

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