F1 Teams Summer Break Evaluation

Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferarri, McLaren and Gunther look back at the very first one-half of the season lol!


  1. Russel’s face expression >_<

  2. The Sainz jokes being reused once again :/

  3. Aleksi Vääräjärvi

    Steiner was so good😂😂😂

  4. Hamilton with the chains 😂 Max with the Duts accunt, amazing!

  5. fucking brilliant – loved the lewis and toto, but the Ferrari – ded xD

  6. Top class work👌

  7. I was waiting for Allpain

  8. Red Bull, no a good company to work for.

  9. Reggie Bannister

    wtf is that hair? look like a heap of bugs on your head

  10. Spot on man! Keep doing this!

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