Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self – 1 Year Later

It is been precisely one entire year of woods fires, manslaughter hornets, pandemics, isolations, protests, quarantines, elections, vaccines, and riots and yet here we find ourselves, back at the start… What would happen if I sought to clarify what is taking place now to the January 2020 variation of myself?


  1. Thanks for watching!! Sure sex is great but have you tried subscribing?

    • @bidmcms3 We’re not talking about deaths, we’re talking about infections. You literally just changed your argument out of the blue to try to prove a point, and only proved yourself even MORE wrong because those “alternative facts” are also incorrect. Every age demographic – even the least vulnerable – is at minimum over 20% more likely to die from Covid, if you want to shift the conversation to mortality instead of infection (since you were wrong about the latter to begin with.)

    • Damn, I haven’t subscribed for so long, its been a rough year

    • Can’t relate. Subbed tho

    • I’m old fashioned. I believe in buying someone dinner before subscribing them. Possibly flowers. Chatting. Finding common interests. Finding out about their tastes in subscription. If they’re even really into subscription, or just feel pressured by expectations. Definitely finding out their feelings about subscribing other people..

    • What is sex? Single and handshake has a whole new meaning compared to pre-covid…. is that hug thing you talked about sex?

  2. Hilarious.

  3. Patricia Navarro

    …a short, 30 second video of December 2020 Julie just sitting alone, staring into the abyss, rocking back and forward, saying over and over “anytime now, someone will show up anytime now”…

  4. Rex Christian Lim

    And here I am, one year later. Hopefully, things will get better. Even with such a crappy year, at least these types of satirical comedy gives me comfort. Keeps me sane during these crazy times.

  5. Nobody remembers almost WW3 or the world burning down? or any of the other stuff I am forgetting?

  6. 🤣🤣

  7. Looove it! Such a great follow-up! 🙂

  8. Hooker please

  9. I want to say “I can’t believe we’re here still”…but I CAN believe it, unfortunately.

    Flabbergasting that this has become a series. Wonderful work, Julie.

    …although I’m kind of dreading what’ll happen when April 2021 Julie meets August 2021. Will the end of the summer get to rejoice about the pandemic basically being over already, or…???

  10. Noah Allen Willis

    “Could you smell them” 🤣

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