Excalibur VS Raiden (Warframe VS Metal Gear) | DEATH BATTLE!

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  1. Thank the Corpus Engineers making the Glaxion. FOR THE PROFIT!!!

  2. Also if the Tenno Operator would be serious to taking out raiden very fast, he/she will either use Limbo (because Interdimension The World) or Gauss (Speed-Frame that Doubles as a Thermodynamics-Focused Warframe)

  3. V. Emil the II-nd.

    I like how they did this Death Battle. The fanboy banter was golden.

  4. Warframe’s first Death Battle was one of the best. Fitting

  5. That was cool, especially how you two worked up to the battle itself.

  6. Well duh, look who’s sponcered the video

  7. Sponsored stream = Character will win

  8. Five minutes of ads for warframe definitely didn’t foreshadow the finish here.

  9. If Raiden stood no chance against a regular warframe in Excalibur, the what about his Prime/Umbra variant? Lol that’s just how powerful the frames are. Oh and the tenno are basically devils and gods. No chance lol

  10. The outcome is DEFINITELY not because this was sponsored

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