Ex-Exclusives – Scott The Woz

Scott ex-looks at ex-ex-exclusives.

Music Used:
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  1. Seeing the Nintendo logo in the credits of Bravely Default II was something that shoke me to my core.

  2. I got a PC and a Switch. lovely things

  3. I want to meet the person who only whantsbto play those 4 xbox games

  4. coongrats on the trending and the berd lmao


  6. LOL having PC issues while watching this

  7. 🍑Loiza C̴h̴a̴t̴ ̴ Me̴ n̴Ow̴- CHECK MY PROFILE

    This is my favorite Ex-Exclusives video of Scott so far

  8. your beard

  9. you really dont need a great PC you need atleast a 1080 graphics card which can be considered a older card and 16 GB of memory and a good CPU

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