Evil Dead Rise – Teaser

A little glimpse at what is to come. New trailer for Evil Dead Rise arrives tomorrow. #EvilDeadRise


  1. Refined Gentleman

    I feel like the Necronomicon is keeping this trailer from appearing. I need it now!

  2. 🚫💰💵 WB

  3. Creepy ,finally it is getting on my nerves,horror universe rocks..

  4. If the director is ” SAM RAIMI” rethink the horror in heart

  5. Another mean troll

    Can’t wait for this to come out and get a 4/10 like every horror movie in the past 20 years. With terrible acting, terrible plot, terrible actors, and 42 jump scares. 😒

  6. Emperor Pawpateen

    If Ash isn’t in it, it’s not relevant.

  7. Still no trailer 😭

  8. Love a good horror.

  9. the mom is 5’11 I see why they cast her in the role

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