Everything Wrong With Thor: Love and Thunder in 23 Minutes or Less

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Thor: Love and Thunder came and went and it appears like most people were like, “eh, ok” about it. And now that we have watched it for sinning purposes, we comprehend why.

Thursday: bad holiday sequel evildoings.

Recollect, no motion picture is without any sin. Which motion picture’s evildoings should we count next?

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  1. Still love how Gorr *The God Butcher* wasn’t even shown fighting gods. We just saw he killed around three gods…off screen. He managed to kill gods bigger than him and he struggles with the rookie of Jane Fonda

    That’s nice Taika, very nice

  2. Not so fun fact, apparently Taika wanted Russell Crowe to have a British accent, but Crowe wanted to do that horrible Greek one. So they did both & Taika “loved” the crappy Greek accent. Honestly, it doesn’t sound Greek, I thought he tried for a horrible Italian accent.

  3. gods who stare at goats

  4. It was a truly depressing movie

  5. How is this not a longer video. You have so much material.


    Why is that everyday objects can lift Thor’s hammer but unless ur a worthy human u can’t lol

  7. Leave the movie alone, I loved it

  8. Do black Adam next

  9. Who wrote the orgy lines?? pls fire them right away !

  10. After watching this it all seemed to be just a stacked up comedy from Marvel like I mean y’all got a couple children kidnapped by some godslaying stranger, screaming goats, a washed-out looking Zeus, and the GOG cruising along with Thor for like the first 20 min. of the movie, and also let’s not forget the incredible cameo appearance of Matt Damon & Melissa McCarthy including one of Thor’s siblings Luke Hemsworth himself

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