Everything Wrong With the Batman in 26 Minutes or Less

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The Batman! A 10 hour superhero motion picture where it rains all the time and it is incredible. Oh, and it has evildoings too. Duh.

Thursday: Animated adventure evildoings.

Recollect, no motion picture is without any sin. Which motion picture’s evildoings should we count next?

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  1. Auxillary Priest

    All i picked up from this was CinemaSins liked The Batman too

  2. Second time watching, the argument with the off-screen Peanuts teacher just killed me.
    “Oh f*ck off!!”

  3. Andrew the maroon

    How did you not sin the fact that they implied that Batman some how got his ridiculously fuck off loud car in a back alley just a few yards away from a mobs secret drug deal and NOBODY HEARD HIM DRIVE UP AND PARK….. if I’m doin a drug deal and i hear micro penis car pull up just around the corner I’m calling it off and leaving before whoever that is gets out and sees us

  4. This is a hack channel and you should be ashamed of yourself for presenting this surface level garbage as anything akin to an actual understanding the the thing your a pretending to critique. I partially blame this channel for the terrible takes and criticism a lot of layman who watch this nonsense and then think they know what they are talking about, have for story, plot, movies and media in general, which lead to the degradation of understanding and discourse of media in general. enjoy your every empty dollar for helping if not create, but profiting from the propagation of toxic fans.

  5. The actor is what’s wrong with it. Couldn’t have chosen worse

  6. Mockingjay 1764

    When my Mom and I were watching this, she said;
    “Oh, now I know why this movie has so many hours, it’s because everyone is so freaking slow!!”
    Only she didn’t say freakin.

  7. You didn’t say anything about Batman staling the batmobile!!!

  8. What is with those sponsored ad better help? Those are some fked up preferences for people to choose from…

  9. 20:35 To be fair the entire Dark Knight trilogy stole entire shots from the animated batman series, so it all comes full circle.

  10. He was awful as Batman and Bruce in this SHIT movie.

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