Everything Wrong With Shrek Forever After


Well, this is a motion picture that occurred. We counted the evildoings and, sincerely, did not have quite a lot of fun doing so.

Next week: survival transgressions.

Recollect, no motion picture is without any sin! Which motion picture’s evildoings should we flaunt next?!

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    • @Dragonhunter Neo he went from Hispanic to white and I don’t think DreamWorks was trying to ignore that

    • @Dragonhunter Neo crazy theory wise he’s possessed by lord farquad and did deal with a demon… I heard this on a random yt channel but in a world like this it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • @Niconacho Z Have you seen how he looks?

    • I’m giving you *1000 SINS OFF* for not taking sins off when there was an “Exit clause” mentioned in this Movie and *NEVER ONCE* did a spoofing of Santa Claus that would be named “Exit Claus” appear in the Movie. Also 《in my opinion 》 the Fiona in *THIS* Sherk Movie looked *MORE BEAUTIFUL* than in the previous 3 other Movies of this franchise. I understood the ” Pigs acting like Pigs” #Joke in the Birthday party scene *BUT* wasn’t enough to make me laugh. {Actually all of the #Jokes were a bit “Oh-hum”}. 👨‍⚖▶️ 🎅🚫 🎬

    • O dead god can you read me a line from HP love craft please


  2. Jack Aylward-Williams

    You forgot to add a sin for how the birthday party is at the pub in Far Far Away and Shrek is apparently attempting to walk home from there despite the long, agonising carriage journey that we saw it the second film.
    Also, why didn’t you dub the song from Groundhog Day over the montage at the beginning?

  3. Just goes to show that Fiona didn’t need anyone

  4. Why is the video 14 minutes of black screen?

  5. How about Knight and Day??!?!?

  6. U dare insult our lord and savior shrek 😤

  7. Do the roar

  8. 10:04 Everything wrong with ENCHANTED

  9. It should be nothing

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