Everything Wrong With Godzilla vs Kong

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Godzilla vs. Kong is a motion picture. It occurred. You saw it. Most of us saw it. Kong grew ten times his height, got tranq’d on a ship, went to super middle earth… Jesus, this motion picture is sort of unusual!

Thursday: Transgressions of an animated motion picture that was not that long ago but feels ages ago.

Recollect, no motion picture is without any sin. which motion picture’s evildoings should we count next?

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  1. That’s not the hollow earth’s power source they use to kickstart Kong’s heart, it’s the anti-gravity engine from the hover…

  2. The story & the acting.
    Side Note….enough of “kids help save the day”

  3. World record for most sins in CinemaSins

  4. Nathan's Gaming World

    a lot of fanboys have been offended

  5. Wait till he sins fnf9

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