Everything GREAT About Toy Story 3!

Toy Story the Third! The one with the frightful strawberry Lotso bear. Is it the most traumatizing of all the Toy Stories? Yes. Here is everything right with Toy Story 3!


  1. Funny Kids Crafts

    Wow Amazing 😍 I like it 👍🏻

  2. I was like 6 when TS1 came out, and about 20 when 3 did. I was ugly crying when Andy let the toys go.

  3. Teaser frame has to be Top Gun, right?!

  4. idontgiveafork

    Let’s talk about movie endings. This one has yet to be topped for me. We go from fear for the toys being destroyed (again, there was a moment where you almost feel they will perish in literal hell) to one of the absolute best pay-offs in any movie series (the claw) to Andy passing the torch. If you grew up on the Toy Story films you were close to Andys age when this came out and it is absolutely a work of art. Seeing it as a parent hits different, but equally hard.

    This movie is one of those ones that is a 10/10 across all genres.

  5. i think i was about 8 when this movie came out and it absolutely traumatized me in theaters

  6. The White Dragon

    Fun fact: in versions that showed in Spanish speaking countries, instead of taking the effort to alter the story to have Buzz speaking English after his reset, they instead had the VA alter the performance to fit different stereotypes of other Spanish accents, like Catalan. You can find a clip of the different accents floating around on YouTube.


    One thing
    Quit calling it a KID’s MOVIE
    Pixar makes their movies for everyone not just kids
    Always has Always will


    Im right there with you I dont like change either

  9. Next week is Top Gun FYI😂

  10. THIS Is the Best Toy Story Movie. No Other Toy Story Movie Has Ever Emotionally Impacted Me As Much As This One Did,Or Any Pixar Movie For That Matter.

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