Everything About Grain Bins (Farmers are Geniuses) – Smarter Every Day 218

Everything you ever desired to understand about grain bins.
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First of all, if you need to assemble a grain bin, I suggest calling Danny. The guy is a genius.
His e-mail is: dannylef2 at yah00 d0t c0m
(I have typed his electronic mail address like that so webcrawlers will not detect it and unsolicited mail him. If you are a farmer you are clever enough to figure that out.)

Grain Packing Factors:


Fan sizing for grain bin applications:

How to handle a grain bin crisis:


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  1. Mark Anthony Williams

    Farmer sees title:

    • @Mari Onette and yet here you are, on an internet that couldn’t exist without the cities. Can’t make servers with a welder and stubbornness.

    • @SmarterEveryDay Hey Destin, have you tried growing your corn in a square or rectangle?
      You’ll find it will produce a better crop if it’s in a square or rectangle because it helps with pollination.
      You’ll find that the one on the outside edge don’t do as well as the ones on the inside but overall you should have a better crop than having long narrow rows.

    • Thank you for keeping us fed 🙂

    • @Dan Frederiksen if you saw how California democrats have been treating farmers, you would understand why Trump was such a hit with the rural communities. Family farms that have existed for 3,4,5 generations gone in an instant because of some politician from the city who probably has never set foot on a farm before. The fact that somebody in DC is acknowledging that they exist and taking some kind of measure in their interests (whether or not it’s actually good for them) is a big deal. I grew up on the edges of town so I got to see farming issues from the roads, friends, and local news.

      God bless our farmers. The amount of garbage they have to put up with for a thankless job that few acknowledge (even though their lives literally depend on it) is incredible.

  2. I agree, farming is one of the most difficult jobs there are. Thank God there’s those out there willing to do it!

  3. Soy beans are used for animal feed

  4. I;m thinking about thos Beans

  5. Your videos always make me smile. Keep it up.

  6. Not important Please don’t

    When I first saw this I thought it was Eisenhower holding Popcorns

  7. I build grain bins in North Dakota good video

  8. The only something to me about this is that when I watch this video I think about all the jobs that were replaced by these machines. I think about how mankind used to bond with the Earth hand to soil. And we would build our grain bins ourselves. Of course we know the Amish still does it. With little to no help from technology. We’re not going to say that they don’t use a tiny bit. But I just wish that we were more organic with our food and get back to that connection. Because all of this Machinery is contributing to an unhealthy environment which is going to make it difficult for us to grow high-quality food.

  9. lies, all lies.

    Today on things I had no idea I’d find interesting: grain bins.

  10. Up here in canada I’ve always heard that tool called an “alignment pin” – and not a “punch”

    Cool process – Thanks for this 🙂

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