Every WWE Return on Raw 30th Anniversary

Here is every WWE wrestler who returned during the 30th Anniversary of Raw, from Triple H, to The Undertaker to Brock Lesnar.



  1. Transformers guy gaming

    Why isn’t ric flair dead yet?

  2. What a bunch of garbage people actually watch this stuff. I don’t know which is more fake NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL/WWE ALL THE ABOVE.

  3. A raw without stone cold is like a coke without ice.

  4. same old crap from triple h

  5. That’s one coo Dude!

  6. 2:47 JBL corpsed so hard for that “damn” 🤣

  7. No former WWE stars unfortunately like Jericho. 🙁 No Trish, Lita, and other big names from the Attitude Era.

  8. It’s a beaut Clark


  9. Guys that haven’t wrestled in 20 years are more relevant and more known than the current roster. That’s why a fat toddler in a muscle shirt named “Kevin Ownes,” shouldn’t be a top guy

  10. #17 on trending

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