Every Team Makes Its Case to the Lottery Gods for Zion | Game Of Zones S6E6

Game of Zones Season 6, Episode 6: The Lottery. Teams make their Zion pitch to the lottery gods…and LeBron is drinking through it all ?


  1. “Beanie Melo” after the credits ?

    • Habeev07 shut yo bitch ass up, Trailblazers choked a 15 point lead in the 3rd then choked an 8 point lead at the end ? have fun getting swept again

    • +Heso Melo this show is hilarious, and this is coming from a NOLA fan. They trash the Pels all the time and it’s still funny. Honestly, every team outside of Golden State should be ruthlessly lampooned every single day for allowing themselves to fall so far behind.

    • Gabriel Shaffer

      +FoshoTheOne yeah

    • +Habeev07 Bro…relax.

  2. Trade ad to the Knicks for the 3rd overall n something else (Dennis Smith?). Get reddish or barret since ja will pry b gone. With some vets around u can pry make a run immediately

  3. I’m not really up to date with basketball can someone explain

  4. “Zion lottery” ?

  5. Wtf, why hassan whiteside never speak for the wish for the draft lottery

  6. Second, So the new PewDiePie is PewDieMelo?

  7. 1:43 the push:))

  8. Knicks owner out here banning y’all ??

  9. Mark Ronnel Camilon

    2:04 lol

  10. Quel aka Lil Nino

    KWAME BROWN ?????

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