Every Shot From Hideki Matsuyama’s Final Round | The Masters

Enjoy every shot from Hideki Matsuyama’s Masters-winning final spherical. #themasters


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    상당히 샷이 흔들리는데 이 악물고 치네

  2. Sure wish they would’ve switched on ball tracker for this. Great round!!!
    The video is 11:11 long. Need i say more LOL

  3. Nelson Sepulveda Espinoza

    felicitaciones a Hideki tuvo una fuerza interna tan grande ,siempre sereno hasta en los momentos dificiles en los hoyos 15 y 16 pero fue sabio y solo penso en su objetivo ponerse esa hermosa chaquetilla verde .en horabuena desde chile .

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  5. I gave up golf after fourth hole no one yelled four! Incoming golf ball smacked me in the head while I was leaving to the fifth whole on a nonchamiopn golf course

  6. I gave up golf and I still type to fast!! Misspelled

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  8. Congratulations to Hideki Matsuyama on a well deserved win.
    *In case anyone at PGA cares, I didn’t watch the Masters this year because you held it in Georgia, which I’m boycotting because of its voter suppression.*

  9. Brilliant to watch…congratulations Hideki🥳

  10. Thank you Matsuyama, Thank you The Masters!

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