Every CRAZY Pokedex Entry in Pokémon Legends Arceus

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Every Pokedex entry from Pokemon Legends Arceus that I thought was insane, troubling, intriguing, or witty!
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  1. It is possible that profeesor laventon reffering to copperajah is hinting towards a region based on India?

  2. 29:05 fun fact! The same thing happened irl with glass eels and adult eels – with one being the juvenile of the other

  3. Hisuian Yanma just built different

  4. Dante's Gaming pizza !

    I’m triptaphobica that thumbnail…

  5. I want a dark type pokemon then vs now

  6. Regarding Monferno, a “deeper” color doesn’t necessarily mean “darker”; it could mean “more saturated.” Likewise, “brighter” might not necessarily mean closer to white on the white vs black axis, and could instead mean “more vibrant” in a more abstract sense. So “deeper” might actually be being used with similar intent to the original.

    On a more “just my own perspective” note, with respect to blue in particular, I find that it’s relatively rare to see shades of blue that are neither “light blue” nor “dark blue” but just “blue.” As such, I think that “brighter blue” might actually mean “more saturated and closer to the middle of the white/black axis” (aka “royal blue”), which it would be less likely to mean for other colors; and “deeper blue” could easily mean something similar.

  7. Heyyyy you made it on trending!!!!

  8. Burmy pokedex entry: if its cloak is damaged it will repair it with whatever is around.
    Burmys cloak: *Gets damaged*
    Meanwhile the player: MY LEG!

  9. so if i get it my favourite mon starfs people out

  10. Subtitle go spooky fans and ah goose

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