Every Clean Shot: Devin Haney Vs George Kambosos Highlights

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Every Clean Shot: Davin Haney Vs George Kambosos Highlights


  1. the reason why goerge loss to devin is bacause he’s not aggressive through the fight hes waiting to devin every single time

  2. Tia Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X

    A jab masterclass. Domination from bell to bell. Congratulations Undisputed World Lightweight Champion Devin Dream Haney.

  3. boring fight. you’re like watching mayweather, another boring fight, MMA is the best

  4. Son n pops trucking

    Guy In the crowd at 7:05😂😂😂

  5. I fought some dude about year ago and ended up dropping him off of jabs alone

  6. It would be very interesting to see Loma against any of these two. IMHO, Loma has much better footwork, but he could have problems with hands reach against Haney

  7. There shouldn’t be a rematch it was too easy win for Haney….Haney took that boy to school big time….

  8. Brilliant work

  9. George was on coke during the match i bet money 😂😭😂

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