Ever Given UPDATE 28 March Operation “Backtwist”

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  1. I am a retired salvage consultant. This was an excellent resume of the situation. I think you may have been listening to Capt Nick Sloane as well!

    • @Jack O’Neil they can only lift max 100,000 pounds. It wouldn’t do much also they couldn’t be anywhere close to each other because of the amount of turbulence those helicopters blades make. It is already out, it’s almost been 24 hours since they got it out.

    • @Gregory Matteson maybe a cofferdam would. They raised battleships sunk and capsized in Pearl Harbor. I suppose there would be an increased danger of capsize by adding buoyancy along the beams.

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  2. Ever Given, more like Never Given

  3. michael livshits

    You can use 2 helicopters to lift 1 container.

  4. So if it takes 69 tugboats to pull the Ever Given out in its initial condition and something more than a dozen tugboats actually did pull it out (from something other than its initial condition) how was that achieved?

  5. Ever Given has been freed!👏

  6. If you finish this up, I would like you to address what appears to me to be a list to port.

  7. UPDATE: 68,200lbs is the maximum gross weight of a 40ft container (Not the average). Empty weight is about 8,000 lbs

    I was told that with most container ships the lightest containers go on top and often are limited to a few thousand lbs. My guess was that you could have some that are well under the average at and the top rows might be in the range of 20,000 to 40,000 Lbs. so offloading the top stack might be possible, and done in a day, and that might be enough to get the extra margin needed to get unstuck.

    Also, I just spoke with a friend who’s a check-airman for pilots at Columbia Helicopters, and he said that most heavy lift helos reach the structural load limit on the hook before they max out on temp or torque, and an S64 can lift a lot more than the 18,000 to 25,000lbs load limit on the hook. And should be able to lift a lightly loaded 40ft connex.

    Also, just getting the containers off and dropping them from ETL might be cheaper than the economic loss of blocking the canal. My Check-airman buddy with a lot of time in Sky-cranes said he thought he could likely lift a 20,000+lb container and perhaps a lot more in an emergency if it did not have to land it but could drop it.

    A Russian pilot who flew Mil helicopters took me for a ride in an MI-2 once and not seeing any toque limits marked I asked how do you know if you are pulling too much? He replied: You can’t, If it does not fly with full-collective you are under toque limit… Not like American Helicopter where you have to be careful not to break them.”

    Try a search for “The World’s Largest Helicopter Can Lift An Airliner With Remarkable Ease”

    Here’s some rough specs
    surfends com/blog/heavy-lift-cargo-helicopters-payload-capacity/

    1. Mil Mi-26 External payload capacity is 20,000 kilograms (44,000lbs) or 20 tonnes.

    2. Mil Mi-10 external payload it can carry up to 15.4 Metric tonnes (34,000.lbs)

    3. 3. CH-53E 16 thousand kilograms or 16.3 tons (36,000lbs)

  8. #12 on Trending! Congrats!

  9. Regular tug boats just won’t cut it… They’ll need a bunch of anchor handlers, someone call the Dutch.

  10. What a cluster “bleep”.

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